Workshop: How to upscale the implementation of digital health solutions for the elderly

Event date: 13/11/2020

What is preventing the further upscaling of digital health solutions for the elderly? Why is it not possible for all of our grandmothers and grandfathers to have their health monitored at home, giving them more freedom, and at the same time, freeing up the capacity of our health workers?

Countries worldwide are facing the same demographic changes. Globally, the number of older persons is growing faster than the number of people in all younger age groups. This in turn puts a strain on health care systems and has created a greater need for smart, digital health solutions that can reduce the related costs attached to this development. The digital tech companies have since long taken up this challenge, creating a large variety of products and services that can help hospitals, municipalities and health workers to reduce costs, time spent on their computer, and provide them with the tools they need to work more efficiently.

However, many of these smart health services and products could be upscaled further. The aim of this workshop is to shed light on and identify the “bottlenecks” and showcase solutions for the further upscaling and implementation of digital health solutions for the elderly. In order to secure insights from both the private and public sector, academia, and more importantly the elderly themselves, we have included a wide variety of speakers and panelists.

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