Good practice examples and related indicative projects that have been evaluated and implemented at scale within the region of Crete.

  • Integrated Care Solutions (FORTH)
  • Provision of Public Rehabilitation Services at the regional district of Rethymno with the aim of Improving the Quality of Life of Vulnerable Social Groups with Permanent or Temporary Disability Problems (General Hospital of Rethymno)
  • Electronic Knowledge Cell (General Hospital of Heraklion “Venizeleio”)
  • Evaluation of Hospital Organizations Strategy Using Techniques Simulation and Multivariate Analysis (Technical University of Crete) (
  • Implementation of Quality Management Systems in Primary Health Care Structures (Management of the 7th Health Region of Crete)
  • Nursing Management Information System “Panacea” (General Hospital of Heraklion “Venizeleio”)
  • Electronic age best practice at the emergency department of the General Hospital of Heraklion “Venizeleio” (General Hospital of Heraklion “Venizeleio”)
  • Online Services through the Hospitals’ web site (University general Hospital of Heraklion and General Hospital of Heraklion “Venizeleio”)
  • Provision of an Integrated Health Information System (Management of the 7th Health Region of Crete)
  • Design of Multisensory Therapeutic Environments: Intervention at Chania General Hospital of Crete (General Hospital of Chania and Technical University of Crete)

Hellenic Precision Medicine Network (

MyHealthWatcher project (

KRIPIS I & KRIPIS II “Quality of Life” project (