The Objectives of the Reference Center are:
• Creating an ecosystem based on the “quadruple helix” model of innovation
• Promoting innovative actions to improve the health and quality of life of the elderly
• Transfer of knowledge and technology from cutting-edge research to the digital transformation of the health sector

Reference Sites are inspired ecosystems that provide creative and workable solutions to improve the lives and health of older people and society as a whole. They focus on integrated and innovative approaches to active and healthy aging and offer specific services with a positive impact in this area, e.g. digital services for citizens, health promotion and innovation promotion actions, etc. In this way they contribute to an integrated and innovative approach to active and healthy aging as well as to the creation of a knowledge transfer environment for other regions across Europe.

The Reference Site implementation strategy focuses on sustainable development of innovation to address aging and support independent living in three areas: 1) cutting-edge research, 2) development and implementation of innovative digital solutions, and 3) implementation of prevention and development programs for early diagnosis.

Strategic objectives of the Reference Center:

Promotion of pioneering actions such as the medical precision network for neurodegenerative diseases coordinated by FORTH at the national level, as well as the precision medicine networks for cardiology and oncology.

 – Development of innovative, friendly, personalized e-Health tools, following international standards and best practices, to support effective and sustainable health care services for all.

– Development and implementation of policies and strategies for sustainable e-Health interoperability, decision support and follow-up care.

 – Transfer of technology and knowledge to the point of care, to the citizens and to the international interdisciplinary space.

Cooperation for the development and promotion of innovation through the development of digital nodes and mechanisms for the interconnection and transfer of know-how.

The initiative of the Institute of Computer Science of FORTH to make Crete a reference site of the European innovation partnership for Active and Healthy Aging received the Gold Award in the category National / Regional Health Initiative, in the context of the Healthcare Business Awards 2020.

Photo of the award (Gold) received in the context of the Healthcare Business Awards 2020.