Reference Sites stimulating the development and implementation of Action Group commitments to achieve sustainable digital health and care transformation at scale regionally, nationally, and internationally

Proposed by Campania Reference Site on behalf of the RSCN, the Workshop will bring together Reference Sites in different EU Countries, such as Italy, Portugal, Spain and AGs, to facilitate the development of both a Regional and National Model, based on best practice approaches for achieving regional and national priorities. All 4 quadrants of the Quadruple Helix Model will be represented.

Objective: This Thematic Workshop is aimed at sharing the Italian networking experience as an enabler to collectively build regional ecosystems for health innovation that can support the delivery of national health and care priorities and those of the EU for the Digital Transformation of Health and Care.

Approach: The Event will allow Participants to share, discuss, and evaluate the processes adopted by each RS, including the role and involvement of the Quadruple Helix stakeholders in adopting agreed conclusions from the Action Groups. Consideration will be given to methodologies used to overcome barriers to change, including organisational, financial, digital, policy, and cultural readiness, etc.

Expected results: The outcome from the Thematic Workshop would be the development of an agreed Model for implementing actions recommended by Action Groups, both regionally and nationally, to achieve health and care priorities at scale. In addition, a protocol for the engagement of the Reference Site Quadruple Helix stakeholders would be agreed.

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